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Everything You Need to Know About Marquise Cut Diamonds

The elegant shape and bright sparkle of the marquise cut has charmed people since the eighteenth century. This cut is rich in royal history, and has the beauty factor to match. Marquise cut diamonds are unique brilliant cut stones. These diamonds are valued for their flattering, elongated look.

What is a Marquise cut diamond?

Marquise cut Diamond

A Marquise cut diamond is defined by its narrow, elongated shape with tapered ends. This cut displays 58 facets, with a pattern similar to that of a round brilliant cut diamond. The Marquise cut is a classic style with noble roots that is making a comeback in popularity.

History of the Marquise cut

In the eighteenth century, King Louis XV of France wanted a diamond cut in the shape of his mistress’ lips. His mistress was none other than the famous Madame du Pompadour, whose lips inspired an entirely new diamond shape. Over time, the cut evolved as diamond science and cutting techniques improved to create the cut we know and love today.

Why choose a Marquise cut diamond?

Marquise cut diamonds appear larger than other cuts of the same carat weight. This is because they are more shallow and elongated, so they show more of their carat weight. Thanks to the Marquise shape making The Marquise shape makes the diamond look larger, which results in great finger coverage at a more affordable price. In addition to finger coverage, the shape of Marquise cut diamonds makes the fingers appear slender and lengthy. Marquise cut diamonds look extremely flattering on the hand.

Marquise cut diamonds cost less than round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight due to the way they’re cut.

How to choose a Marquise cut diamond?

Marquise cut diamonds come in different length-to-width ratios. Some people like the look of a more slender, long Marquise, while others choose shorter, wider versions.

Since Marquise cut diamonds are shallower than other cuts, color becomes more important. Choosing a higher color grade ensures that even at the shallowest points of the diamond, like the tapered ends, the gem will look clear.


For those in search of a unique diamond that catches the eye with its shape and sparkle, a Marquise diamond is the perfect choice. The Marquise is a historic cut with a modern twist that flatters the hand. You’ll find one of a kind marquise engagement rings at Keyzar!

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