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It usually takes us up to 10-15 business days to craft your item, and an additional 1-2 business days of shipping. Exceptions apply on products which might be more complex to craft.

We understand your concerns. That’s why we encourage you to browse our website, read our customers’ testimonials and learn about our brand. We want you to feel 100% comfortable when you buy from us. We use trusted payment processors like PayPal and Shopify Pay for the very same reason. These companies are some of the biggest in the world - and they’re experts at keeping your plastic card data 100% safe.

You can exchange any item you purchase within 30 days of delivery. Just make sure your item is in its original purchase condition and includes the original packaging and all documentation. We’ll happily replace or refund your purchase at no extra cost.

We do not offer refunds on 2 kinds of items. First, we cannot offer to compensate you for engraving costs when accepting a returned engraved item. Second, we do not accept custom-made jewelry returns due to the difficulty of re-selling unique, custom items.

We provide free return shipping on all items exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchase. Most warranty cases are covered by the policy, too. To learn more, contact us for further information.

We ship every diamond with a lab report made by independent gemologists. This way, you can compare the actual qualities of your stone to their stated characteristics. You can also take our diamonds to a jeweller to verify their authenticity.

At Keyzar, we are committed to buying and using conflict-free diamonds. When you’re shopping with us, you can trust your product isn’t the result of child labor, violence, criminal activity, etc. You can learn more on our conflict diamond page.

Lab-created and earth-created diamonds are identical. Even an expert jeweller can't tell the difference between one and the other. The only difference is that one kind of stone is made artificially, the other - naturally. Beyond that, the only difference is that lab-grown diamonds give you 20%-35% more carats at the same price point.

The 4 Cs of a diamond are its Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat (mass/size). Gemologists evaluate diamonds for these 4 characteristics - and this is how a stone’s price and value are determined.

Rose gold items tend to retain their color. White gold items are plated with a mineral called Rhodium. If the Rhodium wears off, they may appear to dull a little - and go from stellar white to off-white. This is why we offer a free lifetime rhodium plating service on all our items.

There is no need. All of Keyzar’s items come with a lifelong, no-extra-cost warranty.

If you’re thinking of getting your new items insured, you’ll be happy to know we ship every item out with a free appraisal.

As a courtesy to you, we insure every single item we sell to guarantee it gets to you safely. Beyond that, it may be prudent to insure expensive jewelry pieces and gifts for your own peace of mind.

All of our standard rings can be resized (within recommended range) 365 days post-purchase. Simply reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Absolutely. This is one of our most common requests. We will be happy to craft any ring you have in mind; even ones you can’t make using our Custom Jewelry Tool. Simply reach out to us and we’ll get started on your ring right away.

We usually don’t make jewelry using diamonds we receive from clients. If you’d like to see if our jeweller can make an exception, please contact us.

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