Everything You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Everything You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Each cushion cut diamond looks different, yet all of them offer dazzling brilliance and beauty. No two cushion cut diamonds are exactly alike. This brilliant cut diamond boasts high finger coverage and has a slimming effect on the hand. It’s no wonder why cushion cuts are becoming more and more popular. Cushion cut diamonds vary widely in their look, so what unifies them? Let’s explore the ins and outs of cushion cut diamonds to see if they’re right for you!

What is a cushion cut diamond?

Cushion cut diamonds are named for their unique shape. Their rounded square shape gives them a “pillowy” look, like a cushion. Cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets, making them sparkle brilliantly. They come in two varieties–classic and modified–and can be square shaped, or more rectangular.

Cushion diamonds vary widely. So widely, in fact, that without understanding how to look for the right diamond, you could either end up choosing a radiant diamond or a stone that looks like cheap glass. Cushion cut diamonds have a distinct vintage vibe, and have been popular for centuries. This cut blends classic beauty with modern brilliance, and offers tremendous variety.

The OG brilliant cut

3.01 carat G SI1 Cushion cut Diamond

The precursor to the cushion cut was the brilliant “miner cut,” created as early as the 1700s, and remained popular through the early 1900s. Today’s cushion cut is very similar to the miner cut of centuries past. However, it’s been upgraded to burst with even more brilliance than its predecessor. Modern cushion cut diamonds have lower crowns, shallower pavilions, and increased table surface area. There’s an even newer kind of cushion cut diamond as well, known as the modified or “crushed ice” cushion cut. Both types of cushion cuts are extremely popular and offer stunning brilliance.

Why would I want a cushion cut diamond?

We already know that the cushion cut radiates brilliance, but what else makes it so popular? This cut’s classic good looks, variety, durability, and affordability make it a rising star in the engagement ring world. Let’s take a look at all the perks cushion cut diamonds offer! Cushion cut diamonds combine classic elegance and modern bling. This makes them the perfect choice for vintage lovers and trendsetters alike. Cushion cuts have lots of both brilliance and fire, so their sparkle is top notch.

Beauty, brawn, and budget-friendly

Beauty aside, cushion cut diamonds are also strong and durable. Since their corners are rounded, these diamonds are less prone to chipping and damage than pointier cuts like squares or Marquise diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds are also one of the more affordable cuts on the market. These brilliant gems cost less per carat than round cut diamonds - by about 25-50%! If you’re looking for a unique shape that’s also affordable, a cushion cut diamond may be your perfect match.

Variety is a girl’s best friend

Every cushion cut diamond has superior sparkle factor, and their sparkle is delivered in many different shapes and sizes! The variety of cushion cut diamonds available means you can choose the perfect shape and style for you. Whether you’re looking for a lengthy, rectangular shape or craving crushed ice, you’ve got plenty of options.

How to choose a cushion cut diamond

With so many cushion cut options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. But don't worry - we’ve got you covered! Let’s walk through what to look for when you’re choosing a cushion cut diamond. Since cushion cut diamonds show color better than many other shapes, color grade is an important factor. Choose a color grade of H or better to minimize the amount of gray or yellow tint showing through.

Standard cushion cut diamonds have an open table, so any imperfections in the stone are easier to see. For an eye clean cushion cut, go for clarity grade of SI1 or better. Here's how to be sure you maximize on brilliance in your cushion cut: For the most part, you’ll want to choose a cushion cut diamond with a depth under 70% as well as a table under 70%. This means that the gem is 70% as deep as it is wide, and its table is 70% of its width.

Now, for the fun part: choosing your favorite shape and style! Are you into a more elongated, rectangular cushion cut? Or closer to a square shape? Keyzar offers a variety of cushion cut diamonds with different length to width ratios. Since there are so many ratios to choose from, you can choose one that best fits your unique taste. What kind of sparkle are you after? If the sound of amped up, dazzling sparkle is music to your ears, the “crushed ice” look will be right up your alley. Crushed ice cushion cuts look even more sparkly and glittery than their classic counterparts.

Customize your cushion cut ring

If you’ve chosen a cushion cut diamond as your center stone, you’re in luck. Any setting would look gorgeous with a cushion cut diamond sitting pretty in its center. Solitaire, halo, and pave settings are just some of the popular options for this cut.

A setting like Keyzar’s The Jasmine will accentuate the vintage look of your cushion cut stone. So will a romantic halo setting, like The Miley. For a more modern twist, pair your cushion cut with the whimsical The Twig setting.


When you choose a cushion cut diamond, you’re choosing a brilliant, durable, unique stone that mirrors your personality. Not to mention, you’ll save money in comparison to the cost of round cut diamonds. No matter which style of cushion cut diamond you choose, you’re sure to love it for a lifetime. Check out cushion cut engagement rings here!

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