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Everything You Need to Know About Emerald cut Diamonds

3 ct Emerald Diamond

The emerald cut was first used for emeralds. Today, it’s also a popular diamond cut. It slenderizes the finger and has a hypnotic, “hall of mirrors” quality with a vintage shape.

We think the emerald cut is captivating and exciting. We’re not alone. Beyonce, JLo, Kim Kardashian, and Amal Clooney all rock the emerald proudly. But because the emerald is so different from most cuts, you have to shop for it differently. Here’s our guide on the dos and donts of buying an emerald-cut diamond.

What is the Emerald Cut?

Emerald-cut diamonds are elegant, timeless, Art Deco-inspired stones gaining particular popularity in the 14th Century. They are also becoming more desirable today, particularly among some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

While most other shapes are brilliant cuts, the emerald diamond shape is a step cut (resembling a flight of modern glass stairs). Emerald cuts are rectangular with cut-off sides, offering less brilliance but instead producing what is known as the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ effect.

Emerald cuts are most enjoyed for their transparent, crystal-clear appearance. Plus, you can see deep into an emerald-cut diamond. This is a quality unique to the Asscher and emerald cuts.

Emerald cut diamonds are not to be confused with green-colored emerald gemstones, as emerald cut refers to shape; not stone. However, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume a link. This shape was initially created by gemologists for emerald stones, thus giving it this name.

Why should I choose an emerald-cut diamond?

The flashes of white and colored light produced by an emerald-cut diamond are eye-catching and striking. Emerald-cut diamonds also appear much bigger than their carat weight; ideal for someone with confidence and style.

As emerald-cut diamonds are rare in comparison to other shapes, they’re a perfect choice if you want something a little different. The elongated shape appeals to those who want an elegant and slenderizing ring. The side-cut design makes emerald cuts durable and less likely to catch on clothes.

What to look for when choosing an emerald cut diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds can either be long and rectangular or square-shaped depending on the preferred length and width ratios. We recommend a ratio of 1.45 to 1.55, although this is entirely up to you.

Depth percentage

The depth of a diamond, also known as its height, refers to the distance between the table and the tip (culet) of the diamond. Depth percentage affects how much light is reflected in the diamond. Emerald-cut diamonds are more shallow than other cuts which therefore reduces the brilliance.

However, the emerald-cut diamond is uniquely beautiful as you can gaze directly into the stone, admiring the long, glistening facets. Because of their shape and size, emerald-cut diamonds have a real “wow factor”. As shown by the world’s elite, emerald-cut diamonds are impressive rocks that can’t be ignored.

The do’s and dont’s of choosing an emerald-cut

Emerald clarity grade

Do choose an emerald-cut diamond with a high clarity grade. They are not the best for concealing inclusions (imperfections) because of their long, clear facets. You don’t want your diamond to be dull so choose a clarity grade of VS2 for best results.

Emerald color grade

Do choose a color grade of G or above to ensure your diamond is clear and bright. A grade of I or lower will have a yellowish color. You can actually adjust your color, cut, clarity and carat weighting on our website to see the difference in quality and price.

The color of your emerald-cut diamond is totally up to you. Due to the step-cut design of emerald-cut diamonds, tints will be more visible than in other shapes.

Emerald cut grade

Do get a good look at an emerald-cut diamond before buying. Why? Because while they do receive a polish and symmetry grade, they do not receive an official cut grading by the Gemological Institute of America. That’s why you should use our 3D preview to avoid any disappointment before making a purchase.

Emerald-cut carat weight

Don’t focus solely on carat weighting as the only measure of beauty in a diamond. Instead, do prioritize diamond cut and clarity in addition to carat weight to ensure you find a high-quality emerald-cut diamond.

However, the bigger the carat weighting in emerald-cut diamonds, the more pronounced the facets and “hall of mirrors” effect becomes. So it’s really a question of how dramatic and glamorous you want your diamond ring to be. We know what Beyonce would say.

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive?

With emerald-cut diamonds, you can buy a larger-looking diamond for less money. Win-win. Emerald-cut diamonds are cheaper than round-cut gemstones because although they are rare and unique, there is less demand, making them more affordable.

The pros and cons of emerald-cut engagement rings



Emerald-cut diamonds seem bigger

Less brilliance

Less expensive than other shapes

Inclusions are more visible

Variety of shapes

Shows more color

Finger-slimming effect

No cut grade

More durable than other shapes

So, you can buy an emerald-cut diamond as seen on the hands of celebrities but it will cost less than a round-cut diamond because there is lower demand? What’s not to love? They’re rare, elongating, glamorous, and more affordable. Could an emerald-cut diamond be the right fit for your partner?


Are emerald cut diamonds popular?

Emerald-cut diamonds are less popular than other cuts but they remain desirable to those in the know.

Should I choose a natural or lab-grown diamond?

Natural diamonds are created in nature, formed as a result of extreme heat and pressure. They are developed over millions of years. Lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab using state-of-the-art technology. They are identical to natural diamonds except for their origin. They are also more affordable than natural diamonds.

How to care for your emerald-cut diamond?

We advise cleaning emerald-cut diamonds with soap and water, using a soft toothbrush to gently wipe away any dirt or smudges.

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